Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Spread the Patriot Movement to People Who Would be Pro-Freedom and Pro-Constitution if they Stopped to Give it Some Thought

Patriot groups and events exist abundantly across America, but their reach is limited to people who are paying attention to America's political landscape. Patriots are making a dent in the trend toward liberal legislation by alerting Americans to the dangers of Socialism. We read the news that other Americans don't read and we take successful legislative action that other Americans are oblivious to. Our successes, however, would make more of an impact if there were more Americans getting involved.

How can we engage our fellow Americans in political thought in a casual way without threatening that our relationships with them must become "political"?

Here are some easy ideas:

1. Facebook: You have a Facebook account, filled with neighbors, relatives, friends, school parents, co-workers, people from church and more. You read political posts, but you do not comment nor re-post for fear of offending some of these people.

Take action: Find the most outrageous of the political posts (e.g. stories about TSA agents patting down three-year-olds but exempting Muslim women) or casual semi-political posts (surveys, news items) or amusing political posts (Rep. Hank Johnson worrying that Guam could tip over and capsize) and re-post them. Just do this occasionally, not every day. If you do this too often, your friends will "hide" your posts, and you've lost the advantage in giving them news which can wake them up to the political goings-on in America.

Take additional action: Make brief political statements on your Facebook posts which are very hard for anyone to argue with, like this:

"I have two siblings who can't afford health insurance, and one who doesn't want to buy health insurance, even though he can afford it. Do you know that Obamacare forces all of them to purchase health insurance at risk of being fined or jailed?! Can our government do that to us?"

"Do you know that American Muslims are exempt from being forced to purchase government health insurance, a.k.a. Obamacare? Why do Muslims get an exemption, but Jews and Christians do not?"

If you have FB friends who get upset over these things, come on, you already knew they were a bit wacky, yes? Our goal is not to convince EVERY person that America is in trouble: our goal is to convince MORE people that America is in trouble. When people force us to put up with their long-term dysfunction, it is not our job to endlessly cater to their sensitivities. But it IS our job as Americans to protect our country from threats, both external and internal. When Congress forces us to purchase health insurance or else be fined or go to jail--and such a law is literally illegal as per the Constitution--it is quite fair to say that America is being threatened internally, and the people need to rise up and say, "No!"

2. Start sending out a brief political email once every week or month. You might include one news article, one upcoming event, one idea of phoning a Congressman to support/protest a piece of legislation, and one piece of factual information to get people thinking--a quote from the Bill of Rights or a Founding Father or a legislator or a precocious child. Ask your friends to feel free to forward it, or send you additional names for the mailing list. Keep the editorializing to a minimum. The more brief the email, the more likely the recipient will glance through it and stop to read one piece of it. Put all the recipients' names in the BCC area of the email so as to respect their privacy.

There are many ways to be effectively involved in the Patriot movement; everything from offering graphic design services to a legislative candidate to attending meetings to reading books. But if you are a bit outgoing, this idea of spreading political awareness from person to person can work well. I started doing this by email, and the distribution list grew to 800 people within 18 months, with many of those folks forwarding the email to their personal networks. Then I joined Facebook, and that "friend" list grew to 1400 people. Even if you reach only 20 people, you have made a significant impact in raising awareness that our liberal politicians are aggressively pushing our country in the direction of socialism. Even most Democrats do not agree with that idea.

Please leave a comment with your phone or email if you'd like to run ideas by me and ask questions. It is my goal to save the Republic from those who would bring on fiscal destruction, take away our liberties, and punish success. The participation of thousands of individual Americans puts this goal within reach. Join us!


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