Friday, September 18, 2009

Would National Groups and Personalities Kindly Let Coloradans Pick Our Own Candidates? Please?!

We recently had a little political hullabaloo in Colorado as the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) purportedly planned to endorse former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton for U.S. Senate. Coloradans were up in arms that such an endorsement might take place. Candidates were reassessing their abilities to raise campaign funds in light of such an endorsement. And all the tea party-types who are newer to the political process--albeit wholeheartedly engaged--were stunned that an out-of-state entity could sway our U.S. Senate race.

The tumult has died down, only to be replaced by the irritating good intentions of none other than Hugh Hewitt, radio conservative extraordinaire. I am a fan of Hugh, and Hugh is a fan of Colorado. I have worked tirelessly against HR 3200 and Cap and Trade, with great encouragement from Hugh. I disagree with Hugh on the FairTax and on the birth certificate. I love his radio guests, and am willing to forgive almost anything when he airs Mark Steyn or Andrew Breitbart.

So what's the beef? Hugh Hewitt has correctly assessed that Colorado Republicans have a solid opportunity to take back the Governor's seat, a U.S. Senate seat, and at least one Congressional seat (CD4) in November 2010. He talks about Colorado legislative races frequently. But he's backing the wrong candidates!

Okay, that's not polite. I don't have much of a beef with Hugh's recommendations of Scott McInnis for Governor, Jane Norton for U.S. Senate, nor Tom Lucero for CD4, except for this one little detail: 95% of the conservative voters with whom I interact are planning to vote for the other key Republican candidates in those races, primarily Josh Penry for Governor, Ken Buck or Ryan Frazier for U.S. Senate, and hands down Cory Gardner for CD4. Is it possible that McInnis, Norton and Lucero have a big fan base somewhere in Colorado which I'm not privy to? Absolutely. But the point is that we want to work this out ourselves, without national interference, from the NRSC, from Hugh Hewitt, or from any well-known person or entity.

The net effect of Hugh's candidate recommendations could be that McInnis, Norton or Lucero receive nationwide contributions to the chagrin of all the Colorado activists who are currently working diligently for their opponents. We in Colorado would really like to slug this out in-state, without nationwide interference, as good as those intentions are. We're not bumpkins here. We understand the opportunity before us, and we're getting the voters engaged and prepared for 2010. Are you aware that we had 10,000 people at the Tea Party at the Denver Capitol on April 15?! And that we had Tea Parties in at least 17 Colorado cities and towns that day?! Believe me, we're on a roll in Colorado.

Take action! Please use your social networking cites, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, to talk about Hugh Hewitt's interference in the Colorado 2010 Legislative Races. Use the Twitter hashtag #hhrs to protest Hugh's involvement during the radio show, when you're most likely to have Hewitt fans read your concerns. (Hugh Hewitt's radio show airs 4 - 7 PM MST.) Be polite. Hugh is a great asset to the conservative team. But we'd sure love it if he'd back away from the Colorado legislative races and just mention them casually as he might any other state's politics.

Thank you for listening. Again, I honor all the candidates, although I obviously have my preferences. We are really enjoying the political landscape in Colorado this year, and would be thrilled to continue to participate and watch it play out without Hugh's assistance. God Bless Hugh Hewitt and God Bless America!

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In a related piece of correspondence, my friend Nikki Mata wrote a letter to Hugh Hewitt within hours of this blog post:

Dear Hugh,

Great program yesterday at CCU - and how thrilled I was to hear not just Matt Arnold, but two other friends, Isaac Smith & Hollis Moore. All three are regular attendees to R Block Party meetings. (We don't have a "membership" - we're free & open to anyone.)

But I also heard the close of the show. How disappointing to hear you say that we all just have to "get over it" - referencing the NRSC.

First off, thanks for keeping your promise to read the article. But that article is just the tip of the iceberg as to why the NRSC needs to stay out of our primary/caucus process. And if I had had more time to explain to you what is going on here in Colorado & why it is so critical, I know that you would have second thoughts.

It's not really about the NRSC. And it's not about ego. It's what DC & media types just "don't get" about what is going on at the Tea Parties, the Town Halls, the 9-12 groups. It's the mood & the energy. It's why one third of Colorado voters are now unaffiliated.

It's why we started R Block Party, why Peoples Press Collective and Clear the Bench exist. And none of us are funded. But we are driven. And we really don't need more obstacles put in our path by our own side.

All those people in that Tax Day Tea Party poster that I gave you? They are not going to support & vote for anyone who has the appearance of having been chosen & promoted by Washington and the party elite. It's just same old, same old to them.

They will turn away from that in droves. It will demoralize them, they will not support the Republican candidates, and that will split the vote. And Colorado will stay a Blue State.

We have a chance to rebuild the Republican party - right here in Colorado - into a party with a viable future. A party that is vibrant & alive. A party that people are excited to be a part of. Because they ARE the party.

I could give you a hundred examples, articles and postings to read to support my case. There is a huge activist movement happening here. And we are all connecting. Would love to plug you into it, so you could see for yourself.

I'll leave you with an excerpt of a piece I wrote about Jane Norton for the Peoples Press Collective:

Is she a candidate that can generate excitement and mobilize the grassroots? Can her message reach the Tea Partiers & Town Hallers? How about the 9-12ers?

Who amongst the many candidates for Senate can offer the proud members of The Angry Mob a place to come home to?

That’s for the voters to decide.

What is clear is that we need to hear what each candidate has to say – without the roar of the political machine behind them, drowning them out.

Yes, we all understand that a candidate needs money – and lots of it – to mount a successful bid next year. But right now? We need a candidate that has the fire to match the mood of the American people.

And money can’t buy that.

Save the money for 2010. Right now, let’s listen to the message.

You have a huge bully pulpit here. I know I speak for all of us when I ask you to use it wisely.

Thanks for listening & GO BUCKS!

Nikki Mata
R Block Party

(Thank you Nikki!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

An Open Letter to the Second in Command of Al-Queda by Dr. Tawfik Hamid,

Dr. Al-Zawherri, many years ago, as a student at University of Cairo Medical School Mosque, when I joined Jammaa Islamia, I sat in front of you, and listened fervently to you sermons. At that time, I looked up to you as my mentor who was going to guide me through the correct path to the divine. I can not forget your fiery speeches, enthusiastic, extraordinary charisma and your dedication to the cause of Islam.

Once, I remember you placing your hand over my shoulder, telling me that my generation is the hope for Islam. I was truly captivated; I was so young and mislead by your appealing charm as many others were. As I looked deeply into your eyes, I hoped that you would lead me to find my path to spirituality. Instead, you led me into the corridor of hatred and violence. I was deceived by your sharp authoritative look and your powerful e speeches, but after all, I was fortunate to recognize early enough that I was on the wrong course.

You taught me and other members of the JI that the west is evil because it does not implement Sharia law. You explained that they allow women to dress as they wish, and provide them full freedom. Back then, I was deceived by your statements. But let me ask you now which is preferable; the western system that respects basic values of freedom for women or the Salafi Islamic system that you follow which suppresses and justifies beating women, allows polygamy, permits slavery and still promotes stoning women to death for adultery?

Dr Al-Zawaheri, after all these years, I discovered that the values that you promoted for 'modesty' of our Muslim women are not sincerely values of modesty as you claimed, but rather immoral means to enslave them. According to our Sharia system, a Muslim woman engaged sexually with a man on her free will, should be punished by death, yet, if a man sold the same woman as a slave to the same man to engage in sex with him - against her free will - it is until now acceptable in our Islamic laws. Do you consider that moral or just? Obviously, the entire issue is not modesty for Muslim women as you claimed but rather a way to control them.

Through your video tapes, you try to sway the west against America, blaming the "evil" US foreign policies against the Islamic world. If the US is truly as wicked as you claim, it could have used its devastating military power to rape the land of Arabia and get its oil for free as our Islamic ancestors did under the banner of spreading Islam! Or probably is it American evil foreign policy that saved millions of Muslims in Kosovo and is trying to do the same in Darfur? Or is it the evil Americans who saved Kuwait from the Iraqi vicious despot Saddam Hussein?

If it's only the "others" causing the Muslims misery, why then didn't you ever protest against the Pakistani Mullas who issued a fatwa to justify for Pakistani Muslim soldiers to rape the Bangladeshi women as concubines in the name of Allah during the war between the two countries in the 1970s? Is that because of the damage done to Muslims by the west?

Through your publicized videotapes you claim that your Muslim "brothers" suffer in Iraq. Don't your Muslim "brothers" suffer in Iraq primarily because your Sunni Islamic thugs "brothers" are torturing, killing other Muslims and mutilating the dead bodies of their fellow Muslim "brothers" Sheiia? Maybe If you ordered your Muslim Sunni "brothers" to suspend their barbaric acts, the Iraqi people would enjoy the fruit of democracy that was offered to them with American soldiers' blood, scarifying their lives to provide them with such dignified opportunity.

Dr. Al-Zawaherri, in many of your tapes, you maintain that Israel is oppressing the Palestinians. You should know that, the Jewish state that you so despise allows Muslims to build Mosques and practice their religion freely. Compare it to Saudi Arabia which denies basic rights to Christians or other non Muslims to build churches or practice freely their religion. Compare it to your Taliban system which destroyed the historical statues of Buddha. You are merely lucky that your evil acts against civilized people have not been countered by destroying our sacred places in Mecca and Medina.

I vividly remember you teaching us in our JI Mosque that the Jews are the world's worst enemies; that they are "pigs and monkeys." To my pleasant surprise, I must share with you that I later found out that unlike you and your followers, Jews have brought immense constructive contribution to our civilization.

You repeatedly taught us that the US and the West are oppressing Muslims. I used to believe it when I first met you, but after living in the West and having seen how Muslims are treated in the US, I can openly say to you; Dr. Al-Zawaherri, you are a liar! The US has allowed Muslims to build mosques, to practice freely our religion, to enjoy economic opportunities, to thrive in their education as any American citizen does. US constitution simply does not allow discrimination against minority. If this is what you call "oppressed Muslims in the west" then I wish Islamic systems like Saudi Arabia, the Taliban and Iran treat their non Muslims in the same way US treats its Muslim population!

Dr. Al-Zawaherri, your heinous attacks on innocents all over the world have deprived our world of tremendous amount of resources as an attempt to protect ourselves from people like you. So instead of diverting the money of the world to build, to cure disease and to improve the environment, we now need to direct a major portion of our budget to protect our nations from your evil acts.

I am asking you to remember the orphans who lost their parents because of you, the parents who lost their children because of you, and the innocents who still suffer because of you. Use your conscience if it still exists and remember them even for a moment as an opportunity to evaluate your deeds. After all these years, I tell you vociferously that if "the hope of Islam" is cultivated by the damage you cause to the world then never blame anyone for questioning Islam's nature, genuine motives and criticizing it.

Dr. Al-Zawaherri, I must confess that I am not sure whether I should blame only solely you for your crimes or should I also hold responsible the entire culture and our religious system that have been guiding you and millions other to hate the "others". Should I only blame you or also my fellow Muslims who have been passively watching your dreadful actions with minimal expression of dismay over your brutality? Or maybe I should also blame those in the West who still try to find irrational justifications for your terrorist acts instead of confronting its true cause which is the Ideology that changed an innocent child that you were, into a beast who deprived others of their life.

Dr. Al-Zawaherri -as a surgeon your hands were supposed to heal and help reduce suffering, but instead, you caused anguish to thousands if not millions of our human race. Therefore, the blood on your hands is the blood of your victims rather than your patients during surgical operations.

Now, I live too far from you geographically, and more importantly, ideologically. Unlike you, based on fresh interpretation of the Quran, I preach a message of love and respect to all humans; regardless of their religion, race or nationality. It is a peaceful and non conventional interpretation which attempts to heal the world that you have injured. One day, the Muslim world will have to decide if they should follow my path or your path. Our paths can not converge.

Dr. Al-Zawaherri....Awake before it is too late!
Your old colleague in the JI
Dr. Tawfik Hamid

(Dr. Tawfik Hamid is the author of The Roots of Jihad. Considering that the study of Jihad and muslim culture can be intimidating for most Americans, I was grateful for Dr. Hamid's excellent writing. With large print, wide spacing, and under 200 pages in length, this book makes a daunting topic very clear and readable. -- Crista Huff)