Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another Activist Steps Forward

The following is an email from a local Republican which I was fortunate enough to be copied on. It reflects the mood of my fellow activists so well that I asked Mr. Winter if I could print it here, and he agreed:

"Wow what a great time. I have not attended a Highlands Ranch July 4th event for several years. Now that I am no longer involved as a Councilman with the City of Lone Tree I have time for the Republicans. I will tell you I was impressed. We had a lot, I mean a lot of folks on the route wave and thank us for being in the parade. The 35+ or so Republicans (young and old) walking all had a great time.

I also worked the Republican booth and we had a lot traffic coming by, asking questions, taking literature and signing up on the email lists. When I finished I went by the term limit petition booth. I signed the petition. There were several folks out talking and collecting signatures. That was also a well coordinated event. It is great to see this level of activity and volunteerism alive and well in the Republican Douglas County Party.

I believe our time is upon us. Remember elections have consequences!! Let’s keep up this good work. I was invigorated and motivated to work for the Republicans' success!! I commit that I will be around to help Douglas County and Colorado Republicans to bring us success and bring some common sense back to running our Governments.

On this Independence Day, God Bless our Troops. It was obvious to me, that today, Independence Day July 4th, 2009, that we have started to take our Country back!!"

God Bless America

Elton Winters

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