Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Activist Alert: Protest National Health Care

Part One -- The Phone Blitz

The Liberal organization MoveOn.org is planning a telephone blitz on National Health Care for Thursday July 9. Conservative voters generally do not approve of nationalized healthcare for myriad reasons:

1. Similar healthcare policies in Canada and the United Kingdom have led to long wait times for appointments, service denials, and lesser quality of care. Read more from the Wall Street Journal article "Of NICE and Men" dated July 7, 2009.
2. Democrat proponents of nationalized healthcare in the U.S. propose the inclusion of all illegal immigrants within the healthcare plan.
3. Our country already has a medical plan which is breaking its back financially: it's called Medicare. If our country cannot afford the service levels already provided via Medicare, how does it propose to afford to distribute these same services to the rest of the population, including illegal aliens? Nationalized healthcare is not fiscally practical.
4. Similar healthcare policies in foreign countries have led to doctor shortages. Potential medical students, upon learning of the much lower incomes afforded doctors under nationalized plans, often choose alternate careers.
5. Under nationalized healthcare plans, a government clerk decides which medical course of action is right for you. This responsibility no longer lies with you and your doctor.

Take action! Phone the same Senators' offices that the MoveOn.org people will be phoning on July 9. Tell them to vote "no" on National Health Care, a.k.a. Socialized Medicine, ObamaCare, Single Payer Health Care or Public Option Health Care.

Senator Mark Udall's District Office in Denver
phone 303-650-7820

Senator Michael Bennet's District Office in Denver
phone 303-455-7600
toll-free 866-455-9866
fax 303-455-8851

Senator Michael Bennet's District Office in Fort Collins
phone 970-224-2200
fax 970-224-2205

Senator Michael Bennet's District Office in Durango
phone 970-259-1710
fax 970-259-9789

Take additional action! If you would like to contact additional Congressmen and Senators, phone the Capitol Switchboard toll free at 1 (866) 220-0044. Out-of-state subscribers are encouraged to contact their state's U.S. legislators, and to edit & forward this Activist Alert to their mailing lists. Thank you!

Part Two -- The Counter-Rally

The MoveOn.org people are planning to rally at 150 Senate offices around the country. Visit their website to find the rally near you. Attend with protest signs and conservative friends.

Here are MoveOn's two rallies in Denver in support of Public Option Health Care, directly from the MoveOn website:

Thursday, 9 Jul 2009, 9:30 AM
89 registered participants

Sen. Michael Bennet's District Office
2300 15th Street, Suite 450 Denver, CO 80202

Senator Bennet's Denver office building is located right next to the west bank of the S Platte river on Fifteenth Street. Confluence Park is on the east bank. There is parking around the building and a pedestrian walkway and grassy verge along the river in front of the building.

* * * *

Thursday, 9 Jul 2009, 11:45 AM
24 registered participants

Sen. Mark Udall's District Office
999 18th Street, North Tower, Suite 1525 Denver, CO 80202


Anonymous said...

We are planning a counter protest of moveon.org July 9 in Raleigh in front of Kay Hagan's office at noon sharp

Crista Huff said...

Randy, Can I put that protest info out on Twitter?

Inspector Clouseau said...

We have a tendency in America to argue for or against a concept based on our own personal philosophy or view of the world, what advances our personal interests, or the interests of our party, family, organization, or region. Perhaps viewing the issue from a management or systemic perspective might result in innovative approaches to the issue. The American national mindset, citizen philosophy, lack of citizen motivation to be proactively healthy, and governance model make the socialization of health care in America very problematic, particularly at this point in time. A country needs to know its limitations.