Friday, June 10, 2011

Living Life As I Choose by Nancy Wenlock

(reprinted from Facebook, June 10, 2011)

Waking up this morning the first thing I heard were the meadowlarks. Made me smile. Then a car drove by. A neighbor heading to work. A small airplane passed overhead. Sounds of people doing what they do. We and those we know love it out here. And it occurred to me that none of this needs government intervention. People are perfectly capable of living their lives, making their decisions, doing what they need to do, without being held down by an oppressive government interfering with every facit of our lives.

Those who want to control others are simply perverted. Those who want to take advantage of others are simply mean. Those who want to allow people to live their lives are wise. Those who take from others are thieves.

The founders of this country had a great amount of knowledge about governments throughout history. They took great care to chain the government down so that the government could not grow into being an oppressive government like almost all governments have done. And yet here we are, with a government in this country that has usurped our liberties instead of protecting them. And Congress has been complicit in this for decades.

People are capable for the most part. Some small part of the population are not capable but it's a very small part of the population. The vast majority of the population are not only capable, but a free people can invent and create an incredible society. Every single time we the people or our representatives allow a government to dictate over the people, we help it along to tyranny.

Regulations and more regulations do not keep us safe. Regulations and more regulations do not keep our lives free. Regulations and more regulations do not keep prices down.

We must push back against all of this. We must repeal laws, we must drastically reduce the number of agencies of government because the cost has become oppressive. It does not take hundreds of agencies to "care" for people. the government's job is to PROTECT OUR ABILITY TO LIVE OUR LIVES FREELY. That job however, is not the job tyrants have any interest in doing.

What can we do? We can learn about our government set up. We can teach others about how our government works because there is not another government like it on earth. We can find out what is going on at all levels in government. We can insist loudly, that the size of local, state and federal government be REDUCED NOW.

Every time we hear about some usurpation of power by any governmental agency or person, we must call attention to it and we must take effective action to nullify it and we must see to it that those people doing it get properly hauled up for the crimes they commit. And every official at every level of government are UNDER THE SAME LAW as anyone else. Corruption is corruption and must be tackled and fought loudly and tenaciously.

So in my exasperation I sometimes get shrill. Sometimes we have to yell.

But Americans are awakening to something amazing: we are seeing tyranny do its work. We must step up and take action locally and at every level of government in order to pare back government to an affordable size and a government that actually upholds our rights instead of stealing them.

We have very good people trying to do this. Every person who learns about government and adds his voice to this is helping. We need to judge people on deeds, not words and make sure our elected officials do only what they are supposed to. Does this take work? Yes. It takes information, it takes awareness and it takes a lot of energy. We have a chance now, with the liberty groups that have sprung up, to voice our love of life and to voice our intent to keep our liberties and seriously get government off our backs.

The alternative is to live in a grey, sour, oppressive society like the USSR was, like East Germany was - a society so evil that freedom of spirit was punished with imprisonment and death. There are countries in which freedom is still punished with torture and with death.

What's the difference between those countries and ours? Government.

What this country has in its founding documents is unlike anything else in the world. If we do not stop the onslaught of destruction, future generations will be living in terrible circumstances. The buck stops here. We must do everything we can. It is not going to be up to a majority of Americans. It's going to be up to those who have heard the call and understand the consequences.

We love life. We love freedom. It's time we work hard to get them back. I want to keep hearing those meadowlarks every day because this is the life I chose. Future generations deserve to live the life they choose, not the life that is chosen for them.

written by Nancy Wenlock


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