Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Time To Buy Low in Your Stock Portfolio!

The latest post on my financial website, Goodfellow LLC, is a model portfolio of growth stocks, most of which pay dividends. Unfortunately, you can't read the stock recommendations unless you subscribe. But here's a synopsis.

I listed stocks in fourteen industries: growth companies whose stocks are not in a free fall during the current stock market correction. Remember, stock market corrections are normal. And when the market goes back up, which stocks rebound first...the ones in a free fall or the ones which fell to the bottom of their trading ranges and bounced? The latter.

Most of the stocks which I recommended in the article pay dividends, many in the 3-5% area.

The industries are diverse, but do not include technology stocks, clothing retailers, nor American banks. These industries are out of favor in the market right now, despite some fantastic sales and earnings. No problem. I'll wait a few months and watch for a sector rotation.

You can send me questions from Goodfellow LLC's website, and there are free articles which non-subscribers can view, including How to Structure a Stock Portfolio.


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