Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IREA Elections, March 2011

The Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) in Colorado has sent out ballots for its annual Board of Directors election. IREA has a goal of bringing low-cost energy to consumers. Some of the candidates DO NOT have that same goal; rather, they have an expensive "green" agenda, which is sometimes code-worded as "sustainability". The green agenda is much more about politics than it is about serving electric customers. Green energy supporters typically think in socialist terms, that your money belongs to everybody, and that higher utility bills are therefore of no consequence.

Take action! In that light, I recommend that you vote for the low-cost energy candidates: John Dendahl in District 1 and Duke Dozier in District 2.

Take additional action! You would do your friends a great service by cutting & pasting this info and emailing it to them. The affected voting areas include Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Sedalia, Roxborough, and the area from Conifer to Bailey.

Thank you!

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