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CO SB-126: In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens, April 13, 2011 Update

Update 04/26/11: COLORADO -- SB11-126 -- Last night, this bill was killed in committee. (Translation: we do not have to worry about Colorado legislators attempting to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens again until the 2011-2012 legislative session.)

This bill was killed in a party-line vote, which means the Democrats wanted to give in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens, thereby taking college admission slots AWAY FROM tax-paying citizens, and the Republicans wanted to honor the Colorado and U.S. Constitutions by upholding laws as they regard citizens and non-citizens.

Obviously, the Democrats want illegal aliens in our country so that they can find ways to register them to vote, thereby increasing the Democrat voter base and helping Democrats win elections. It would be nice if Democrats could find a way to win elections based on productive ideas, but that apparently hasn't occurred to them. Sigh.



Take action: Call State Senators and ask them to vote "no".

(originally posted on March 14, 2011; written by Jen Raiffie and edited by Crista Huff)

Senate sets deliberate pace on tuition bill

"A bill potentially allowing illegal immigrants to qualify for in-state tuition at Colorado institutions of higher learning needs more time to gain momentum, Senate Pres. Brandon Shaffer, D-Longmont, said Monday.

The Senate has repeatedly delayed consideration of Senate Bill 126, which allows 18-year-olds who graduate from Colorado high schools to apply for classification as unsubsidized in-state students without needing to show proof of lawful presence in the United States. While the bill appears to have the necessary support in the Democrat-controlled Senate, it may take time for its backers to find some traction in the Republican-controlled House, Shaffer told reporters during a “Meet the Press” conference.

Shaffer said he is encouraged by a recent conversation with Republican House Speaker Frank McNulty, in which the two legislative leaders spoke generally about working together and trying to “make it into a bipartisan conversation.” "

* * * *

This bill will probably pass the Senate this Friday and take a likely path to the House Education Committee. The committee members and their contact info are listed below.

Please take 2 minutes to contact the representatives to inquire where they stand on this bill.

Hello Representative:

Going to presume that since SB-126 was heard in the Senate education committee; its going to go to the house education committee as well.

Could you tell us how you stand on this bill if you have a stand? And if you don't, are you leaning one way or another?

Thanks so much.

If they are in favor of it, you can reply back to them and educate them on the multitude of reasons they should oppose this bill as outlined in the article linked above.

You may also want to contact Speaker McNulty frank@frankmcnulty.com 303.866.2346 and ask him to send this bill upon arrival directly to the State Affairs Committee where it is certain to die a fast death instead of risking its passing via the Education committee. It makes no sense why he doesn't send it there in the first place, unless he is working for Big Biz instead of his constituents.

Here is an email which you can send to Speaker Frank McNulty:

Dear Speaker McNulty:

Kindly consider sending SB-126 (In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens) directly to the State Affairs Committee, where it may die quickly, bypassing the Education Committee.

If illegal aliens are in Colorado illegally, wouldn't it therefore be aiding and abetting a criminal to do helpful things for them? And isn't the State Legislature obligated to work on behalf of Colorado citizens, not non-citizens? Please help push the chronic problem of illegal aliens in a direction which starts solving the problem and not enabling the illegal aliens.

Thank you!

Representative Massey, Chair (R) undecided; rumor has it he may support this bill; cap ph. 303.866.2959, tom@tommassey.org
Representative Beezley (R), Vice-Chair undecided; cap ph. 303.866.4667, don.beezley.house@state.co.us
Representative Solano Ranking (D) cap. 303.866.2918, judy.solono.house@state.co.us
Representative Holbert (R)- opposes this bill; a definate no vote. cap ph. 303.866.2933, chris.holbert.house@state.co.us
Representative Joshi (R) cap ph. 303.866.2937 janak.joshi.house@state.co.us
Representative Kerr A. (D) cap ph. 303.866.2939 andy.kerr.house@state.co.us
Representative Hamner (D) cap ph. 303.866.2952 millie.hamner.house@state.co.us
Representative Murray (R) cap ph. 303.866.2948 murrayhouse45@gmail.com
Representative Peniston (D) cap ph. 303.866.2843 cherylin.peniston.house@state.co.us
Representative Ramirez (R) unknown cap ph. 303.866.2950 robert.ramirez.house@state.co.us
Representative Schafer (D) cap ph. 303.866.5522 sue.shafer.house@state.co.us

A message from Crista:

Americans did not un-elect a slew of liberals and pro-amnesty RINOs in order to get a fresh batch of them this past November. Voters need to be prepared for more legislative turnover every November until we get legislators who listen to the will of The People. And I'm NOT talking about The People who vote based on skin color! I'm talking about the people who are able to articulate America's downfall and propose solutions. The People do not want legislators and beauracracies which cater to illegal aliens and refuse to enforce current laws. Why hasn't this become imminently clear to our legislators? Why are they still dancing around illegal aliens who would cut their throats and rape their daughters in a heartbeat?!

Tea Party Patriots are not going to go away. "Don't Tread On Me" is not a cute little slogan. It is a battle cry, and we are at war. We are prepared to save the Republic at whatever the cost. We want the Constitution as the Law of the Land. We want immigration rules enforced. We want criminal statutes enforced. When the legislators toss aside our laws, free the criminals, cater to extremely dangerous immigrant populations and trash the Constitution, they are pushing us into a corner from which we will emerge enraged, and by then, we will have nothing left to lose.

Don't Tread On Me!!!


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