Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Is An Activist?

Colorado State Senator Ted Harvey recently stated, “The successes we have seen this legislative session were only because of the hard work of conservatives at the grassroots level. Thank you for your help: none of our victories this year would have been possible without your commitment. Citizen activism on this level has never happened before, and it has transformed this legislative body.”

An activist is a citizen who's ready to get up off his/her couch and share responsibility for the direction our country is taking. Based solely on the political activities of my most recent newsletter subscribers, here’s a description of the ways in which some of our citizens are getting more involved. (The names are invented but the people are real.)

Anne is a homeschool mom who campaigned for John McCain. She’s open to new ideas. I’m hoping that she’ll volunteer to help elect a conservative school board this fall.

Brad is an avid campaigner who encourages his friends to get involved too.

Corinne attends events such as candidate rallies and the Tea Party at the Capitol.

David writes opinion pieces for newspapers and blogs.

Evie calls legislators in Washington and urges them to vote “no” on bad legislation.

Frank is a businessman who’s wondering what happened to his country?!

Greta is very busy organizing an upcoming election campaign.

Horace is watching the future of his social security checks disappear, and has decided to get active with conservatives, because they’re the fiscally responsible people.

Inez is outraged at our country’s march toward socialism.

Jamal is full of ideas to keep Douglas County RED.

Kerri is a dependable Republican who will work on elections, projects and events.

Lou is a businessman who forwards political news to conservative friends.

Mary doesn’t want our country’s new $65 trillion debt to be paid for by her daughter.

Nolan is prepared to run for office in his district and take back the Colorado legislature.

Olivia is a mom and a businesswoman who’s fed up with the Democrat regime. She will run for school board or volunteer with that effort, as needed.

Peter is wondering how the City of Castle Pines North is funding its fiscal obligations with an insufficient tax base.

Quinn is a businesswoman chock full of activism ideas and sharing them with everyone!

Randall is ready to get his feet wet in politics.

Serena wants to come to our party and meet other conservatives!

Thomas is an elected official who wants to help us elect more conservatives, which will make his job more effective.

Ursula supervises Get Out The Vote efforts in her precinct.

Please contact me to explore ways in which you, too, can help our country return to a Judeo-Christian, liberty-loving society which thrives on capitalism and voluntary charity. I'm full of ideas. Let's match your talents and interests with an issue or a candidate that could benefit from your involvement!

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