Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Breastfeeding Needs to Be Part of Healthcare Reform?!"

My wonderful conservative friend Charcie and I send emails back and forth lamenting the idiotic crap that passes for politics and ideas these days. (Charcie is a lady--she didn't say "crap"; I said "crap".) So she sends me a reference to a progressive moms blog, to an article by Melissa Bartick, MD, MSc and Marsha Walker, RN. The article is entitled "Breastfeeding Needs to Be Part of Healthcare Reform." I about blew a gasket! Here's the response which I almost added to her blog, but then realized, why not add it to my blog, where someone will actually read it.

What kind of woman doesn't know about breastfeeding? Honestly, there aren't enough real problems in this world, you need to be creating one? I've met many, many, many people in my life, and NEVER have I run across some moronic woman who didn't know that breastfeeding was a way of feeding her baby. Jeez, Louise, find a real problem.

So now we're supposed to search for these people who must be living in a cave, yet with formula and bottles (how does that work?) and waste more of MY TAXPAYER DOLLARS introducing them to their breasts!

Thanks. Needed to vent.

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Anonymous said...

As a stalwart conservative, I tend to agree with you on most issues. However, if I believed in the first place that the government should get involved in healthcare, breast feeding is something I think should be covered. As ludicrous as it may sound, my mother makes a very decent living teaching new mothers and helping them work through breast feeding issues. You know...not producing enough, baby not reacting well...everything down to sore, dry nipples. Crazy, huh? But again, I think the government ought to keep its paws off my health care.