Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Danger, Will Robinson!"

I used to believe that people who weren't logical in their thoughts and actions were just "different", and I was grateful that I was not one of them, because I couldn't imagine how I'd get through my day, my semester, my career, my life without a logical sense of how I would proceed.

A few years ago I was speaking to "Bob", an intelligent man who was known for living an illogical life and suffering through mental challenges. Bob told me that he always knew what the logical choice was in a given situation, but long-term behavior patterns and thought processes compelled him to choose the illogical behaviors. That was a stunning moment for me; a lightbulb moment. I started to see logic as a function of mental stability, and I felt like I finally had the right frame of reference for illogical behavior.

Fast forward to 2008, when I kept reading things about Barack Obama which screamed "logic-alert! logic-alert!". So much of what he'd done publicly made no sense. Choices that a normal political candidate would never make, because it would look bad, thereby impeding on their ability to get elected. He launched his political career in the home of famous unrepentant American terrorists. He sat in a church pew, year after year, listening to racist, hate-filled sermons, which distorted biblical Christianity. Even if he had never studied the bible, thereby not realizing the distortion in the sermons, surely the political candidate within him would have realized, "this would be bad for my career if it got out that I listen to racist, hate-filled sermons". And still, he sat there. He sat in the legislature and voted "present", over and over again. Surely he would have realized that the electorate expected him to have an opinion?! And then, when he finally had the big opportunity to vote "present" in an attempt to hide his disdain for aborted born-alive infants, he voted AGAINST protecting them, thereby revealing to the whole world that he was willing to kill perfectly good children.

The list of illogical moments and public denials of facts is seemingly unending. Who lives like this? Mentally ill people live like this. I was raised by a person like this. She had borderline personality disorder. She wasn't a sad, unfortunate woman. She was evil and vindictive and superior and destructive. And when I think of our President, I think of my mother.

* * * *
I just thought of this at 4:00 AM. Barack Obama grew up Muslim, pretty much memorizing the Q'uran, because that's what Muslim children do. And what did he learn? Well, the Q'uran teaches Muslims why, how and when to be violent to their children, their wives, their neighbors, and to infidels (non-Muslims). The Q'uran itemizes which races are inferior, specifically referring to some groups of people as swine and monkeys. He was immersed in that for a minimum of several decades, because we know that even in college, his two freshmen roomates were Pakistanis. In 1981, he travelled to Pakistan to visit their families, to a place where U.S. citizens weren't allowed to go, so he must have had a very strong motivation to go there, and he must have had close Middle-Eastern friends with the money to sponsor that trip.

Then at some point, he switched to "Christianity". Except it wasn't any normal, biblical type of Christianity. It was a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing brand of Christianity, in which hostility was taught in the name of Christ.

And all the while, he remained close with his original Pakistani roommates, because they worked on the part of his Presidential campaign which accepted foreign internet contributions. (Widely reported on the Internet w/names included.)

It's possible that Barack Obama has never been exposed to any religion that teaches love or peace or industry or the Golden Rule. Perhaps when he hears of such a thing, he scoffs with sarcasm and disbelief. Maybe he sat through Jeremiah Wright's sermons for all those years because he TRULY DIDN'T KNOW that most of us consider it appalling that anyone would immerse themselves in hateful teachings.

Another fascinating potential aspect of the psychology of our President.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like 53% of American voters were like your friend, Bob. They knew the logical choice, but were persuaded to vote in an illogical manner by the emotional appeal of the "hope and change" campaign. Some of my friends are now feeling buyer's remorse because their illogical Presidential vote.