Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Love My Health Care

Written by guest bloggers: James and Joni Kelly, Douglas County, Colorado

I am one of the 95 out of a hundred Americans that are very happy with their health care. Obama said “if you like what you have you can keep it” so all’s good right? No change for me?

Wrong – if the liberals succeed my health care, your health care, indeed everyone’s health care is going to change dramatically, and not for the better.

The government health care takeover can be stopped. There are three people who can kill it dead. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. So it’s all over right?…not so fast. Obama is a Marxist ideologue and would consider signing a health care bill a success even if it costs him the presidency in 2012. Pelosi is not going to lose an election in Berkeley, California. But Reid is showing cracks.

Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader from Nevada. He is up for re-election in 2010 is presently down double digits in polling to his Republican challenger, Danny Tarkanian. Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid appears ready to make a run for Governor of Nevada. If Harry loses in 2010, so will Rory. My gut tells me that Harry will kill the government health care takeover if he thinks it will cost him and his son their elections.

I have been looking for something real I can do to protect my health care from the government takeover. Here is something real. Send Danny Tarkanian a contribution. It is too early to know if Danny can win or not but Reid will notice Danny’s war chest swell and rethink his position on the health care takeover. You don’t need to give a lot. Ten or twenty bucks is fine. The amount matters but what matters more is how many people contribute to Danny. Politicians are nothing if not shrewd (Harry is the king of shrewd) and they measure everything. Harry will know not just how much Danny is putting up but how many people contributed to Danny, kind of a mini-election.

Help make Harry Reid sweat! Here is a link to the Danny Tarkanian site. You can contribute there--I did:

* * * *

Addendum from Crista: I also donated $10. online. Here's one more way to stick it to Harry Reid: take your online donation receipt, or a photocopy of the check that you wrote, and fax it to Harry Reid's Reno, NV office at 775-686-5757 or his Washington D.C. office at 202-224-7327.

Special thanks to James and Joni Kelly, fellow American patriots who are committed to saving our country from socialism, fiscal irresponsibility, and the trashing of the U.S. Constitution.


Anonymous said...

Who is Danny Tarkanian? I heard his dad coached basketball, and I also know his mom is a Las Vegas City Council Democrat. Nevada please don't get suckered! Danny has never even been elected as dog catcher. I hope that Nevada can vote for a real Republican this time.

Crista Huff said...

When you leave a comment with complaints, but no constructive suggestions, I consider that whining, and I will delete the comment. In real life, I always dismiss whiners. If they can't contribute, speaking with them is pointless. Right? If you want to do some research and find out if someone better is running for U.S. Senate in Nevada, then come back and enlighten us by posting a comment.

You also somehow missed the entire point of the blog post. The point wasn't to elect Tarkanian. The point was to let Reid know that he doesn't have a lock on that Senate seat anymore.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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